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Overview Of The Legal Industry

Going back to 2009 the legal industry did face quite serious cut backs with 1 in 10 solicitors facing redundancy. Of the 200,000 practicing solicitors, 10,000 were set to be made jobless as the recession set in.

The legal sector takes up around 0.7% of the nations workforce – so nearly 1% of the nation work within the legal sector. This could be directly for the courts, solicitors, barristers or any of the support businesses that fall into the legal industry.

Over the last couple of years, there has been growth as the recession has set in, crime has gone up and population numbers have also gone up. Divorce numbers have also gone up with 1 in 5 marriages ending in divorce after just 10 years. Crime figures have also gone up with anti-social behaviour, car crime, domestic violence and violent crime. Great news for the legal sector as it all adds to legal support and more business.

Marketing In The Legal Industry

Growth in the legal industry is great, good for jobs, good for economy growth and good for entrepreneurial companies providing support services such as website directories, magazines, troubleshooting, consultancies etc. However as the industry grows, so too does the competition and the need to stand out.

As with any commercial sector, all businesses need to grow and market themselves in order to stand out and pick up paying clients. It so happens that paying clients are people/criminals that are looking for legal support.

The legal industry uses a wide range of marketing services both in its internal communications/work with the government, but also with promotion/advertising.

Websites And Brochures

Websites are a big part of exposure and promotion in the legal sector. Due to the professional nature of the industry, image and reputation are very important. Having a good website that is attractive, informative and professional is very important for legal companies whether government focused or private. Equally having corporate brochures, informative literature about legal requirements (which regularly change with the changes in the legal system) is important and essential for many legal firms.

PR for Legal Companies

PR is a bit marketing tool for many legal companies, not just for marketing but for Crisis avoidance. With the legal sector being so close to the government and national media topics and situations daily come into the public eye. The need therefore for the legal sector to be responsive is important not just for their own reputation but the sector as a whole. As the nation is governed by law, the industry needs to appear to be in total control to prevent panic.

Telemarketing For Legal Companies

Many legal companies are looking towards telemarketing as a way of both handling incoming enquiries, doing follow up/research work but also in terms of lead generation. Both inbound telemarketing and outbound are used within the legal industry to handle both workload and research, but also for the pro-active selling side of marketing.

Advertising For Legal Firms

TV advertising does seem to have more and more legal companies offering their services. This does seem to cover a range of legal topics and they do tend to run throughout the day – as they do seem to target both young professionals and older people for some of the following areas:

  • Divorce
  • Will Writting
  • Accident Claim
  • Car Accidents
  • Professional/work topics
  • No Win No Fee Claims

TV advertising does seem to be becoming more and more popular for legal companies (of mixed types as above) to promote themselves. Despite TV advertising being the most expensive form or marketing, for legal marketing purposes it does seem to fit well (as it is a targeted way of reaching consumers en mass).

Legal companies do use other forms of marketing (such as e-marketing and mailing) however the marketing disciplines would generally be the main ones that are used by 90% of legal businesses around the nation.

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